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Celebrities are cool and some set fashion trends, but they can be really, really weird. Check out some of the ugliest and weirdest Celeb styles!

10.) Drew Barrymore’s Dress

Oh, Drew. What happened??? You look like a tablecloth… and an ugly
one at that!

9.) Katie Price’s outfit

Katie Price who? I’ve never heard of her, but supposedly, she’s a celebrity. But wait. What is this??? What is she trying to prove by wearing a half-slutty half-innocent-ish dress. I’m confused! Plus, there’s so much pink in here! And is that a hole in the middle? Agggh, I’m going blind!!!

P.S. She did bring the hair curler and straightener with her. Why, oh why?!

8.) Rihanna’s Outfit

She certainly needs a big S.O.S. on this one! This is too much metal. She looks like a robot from hell, plus, those shoes are horrible. It’s no wonder why Chris Brown beat her up. Keeeeding!

7.) Leighton Meester’s outfit.

I love Leighton Meester and I think she’s one of the most beautiful celebrities around, but where is the Blair Waldorf New York Fashion that we love to see on her? Apparently it’s not in this outfit. That dress shirt and leggings to match is icky plus, the prints make me shiver in a bad way. She looks like a very ugly-fied version of Little Bo Peep, especially with that hairdo. Blair Waldorf, we miss you!

6.) Madonna’s outfit.

I laud Madonna for always coming up with new looks, but there is always a fine line between trendy and trashy. She’s still hot, but I can’t help but think of a seven-letter word that starts with “g” and is a synonym of “trash” when I look at this outfit. And what is it with that headpiece???

5.) Mischa Barton’s shoes.

She looks like a cowgirl in this outfit, but I guess that’s forgivable… once you look at those horrendous shoes! It looks like she stole those from the friendly neighborhood village shaman. Creepy!

4.) Agyness Deyn’s Jumpsuit.

Agghhh! A dementor! Nope. It’s just Agyness Deyn and her scary Harry Potter-looking dress. Ho-hum! Bloody hell!

3.) Katy Perry’s dress.

This dress does NOT make me smile. A thousand times NO. Ugh.


2.) Lady GaGa’s outfit.

Lady Gaga is naked. No, she’s not. Naked. Not. Naked. Not. Naked. Oh man. I can forgive Lady GaGa for looking like a man sometimes, but I can never forgive her for wearing this. But, I guess for guys with teacher sex fantasies (EWW), this one takes a hit (still EWW).

1.) Guesswho’s Face mask thingy.

No, we can’t really read her poker face this time. Guess who this is! Yes, it’s Lady GaGa again! We’re not yet super sure if it’s her, though… what do you guys think??? And… how can she see and talk with that face mask on? Lady GaGa is full of mysteries, donchathink?





  1. Well. Okay, medyo consistently eccentric si Lady Gaga. Wag na natin guluhin yung style niya. Hahaha

    Katie Price: Fashion schizophrenia. And dementia.

    Rihanna: The effects of an abusive boyfriend.

    Leighton Meester: Alam mo yung guy sa Ben 10? Yung umaapoy? (Heatblast) Siya yun.

    Madonna: Nawawala ata siya sa Alice In Wonderland ah.

    Mischa Barton: LUMBERJACK CHIC.

    Hay ang sarap magcomment. Hahaha fan na ako.

    • HAHAHA oo nga, si Heatblast nga si Leighton Meester!

      Yay, Dani! Tell your friends to come and join the fun!:)

  2. blair…so not blair. she looks like a clown… hehehe
    lumber jack mischa barton!

    oonga ang saya magreply! haha

  3. – da best. Keep it going!

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