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in honor of the King of Pop, we have to include a list of his music videos, although picking these videos will incite a riot in some countries, these are just personal choices…comments are highly encouraged.

10.)  You Rock My World – It’s got Chris Tucker in it. Wicked cool... LINK:

9.) Dirty Diana – wanna know what it feels like to see MJ Live? this video gives a glimpse of what his performances on stage look like. blowing hair, expert lighting. Powerful…! LINK:

Here’s where it gets hard to decide:

8.) Scream – Michael and sister Janet make a music video? it was bound to happen sooner or later and this one didn’t disappoint. The most expensive music video ever at a nasty $7 million. LINK:

7.) Jam – The two most influential men, MJ and MJ, in one music video about dance and basketball. Could it be done? Hell yeah…! here’s proof…this even got featured in Michael Jordan’s biographical video, Airtime. LINK:

6.) Remember the time – some ancient egyptians put on a pathetic performance and end up lion food until Michael Jackson pops up and shows everyone how a performance is done. LINK:

5.) Bad – Who’s bad?! Link:

4.) Billie Jean – the actual Billie Jean is some crazy lady Michael met one time at a pool and accused him of being the dad of ONE of her twins…CRAZY B****! The streets lighting up one by one gave it a very theatrical effect…classy! LINK:

The top Three!

3.) Beat It – Addictive beat. Nice dance sequence. weird starting outfit though… LINK:

2.) Smooth Criminal – In my opinion, the best dance sequence in all his videos and a very catchy tune that makes you want to get up and dance make this vid part of the top three. I gotta get one of those white suits. LINK:

1.) Thriller –  The Teen Wolf Intro…The entire 80’s underworld rises to chase Michael down, but wait, he is one of them too, or is he, wait yes he is. Even to this day, the whole concept, execution, and unbelievable song make this arguably the best music video of all time. This video kick started a whole mess of videos with an actual movie-like theme and cemented the King of Pop’s legacy. LINK:

+ RIP Michael Jackson: The King of Pop +