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Top 10 Friendster profiles!

(from the Friendster profiles chain mail. Sidecomments by original author)




“do you like listening musics? how about swit musics and rocks? (WAHAHAHAHA) by the way, it’s good meeting new peaple. (Peaple…)




alexandra rose sobida

About Her: long hair, bolding eyes [Ahahay…], red lips and long life [About me to iha…]

Who She Wants to Meet: a spiecial boy in my hole life forever and ever






Companies: wa lang. im just in the class room seating on my chair and flerting with gurls……. [Flert pla si pare…angas!]

TV Shows: Whos line is that? [Nabitin sa title.] and teleseryes

About him: I am a 19 year old strait guy, and i love doing creative stuff and having fun…. entering personal relationships with girls and guys even gays is okey with me as long as they are mature and responsible enough to hundle a relationship. By the way!!! before, I was against bisexual relationships en even sexual intercoarses[Magaspang bro…] between same sexes, that was me before that memorable night happen to me when i was in 4th year highschool.. .. [Namakla pa amp…]





lady biolente [biolente bro…biolente.]

caption ng picture: “it’s meh,panget koh d2 bat kya!!! hehehe” [Hmm… bakit nga kaya?]

Occupation: collage student [Bagong course bro]

About her: ahm…….about meeh!!!??? ATTITUDE? kind,suplada minsan.. pro most of da tym mabait meeeh…, makulit, lagi na nka-smyl ngaun… talented pa! i can dance. i can sing….i can fly basta ba my wings, eh…he!he!he! OUTLOOK? syempre maganda,noh! alangan nmn laitin k ang sarili koh… [alam ka nia ibig sabihin ng ‘outlook?’]height koh? 5’3” ASSET KOH? my legs sbi nila…. taken na meehh……. …should I say yes!? [ha?]






About Me:”im kaRReL.. iM a giRL hu oLweZ waNa b HappY buT jSt cnT b! I cAn eiTHer b sEriouS oR siLLy… liBeraTed,,fuN. .no worrieS.. iM a prActiCal woMan n I eiTHer Lose mY heart dAN my bRaiNS.. it’S harD 2 piCk uP d piEceS oF my liFe..,, veRy comPlicaTed. . buT noT noW..  i dNt bLiV iN dEsTinY iM abouT reALiTy., uRliFE iS in uR hAnds//// so uR d 1 hu coMpLicaTe iT….” [Putcha, pag naintindihan nio to…award.]












Affiliations: hardcore serial killer/frustrated assassin, computer addict [Nakupo mag-ingat kau rito…di lang sia twisted, di nia p alm kung ano ung affiliation]

Favorite Movie: Harry Potter all the movies that were already shown and including the one’s that is still being made (Wow, advanced.)

Favorite Music: alternative, rock, mellow, pop, kahit ano basta hale o cueshe [you be the judge of this one]

About Me: im just a person who sit’s silently on one corner [Sabi sa inio twisted eh]



Affiliations: Cristianity [religion ang nilagay sa affiliation count: 3]

Who I Want to Meet: “be always respect the universal trademark clan within the highest organization” [Pu-t***-i-na.]



“Don’t let my looks fool you! Im a EDUCATED FOOL w/ PARTIES, DISCO AND GAMES in my MIND!” (Uy! Gangsta’sParadise na combo meal! Sakto!)

“I want a long hair! So i can copy my sitmates answer w/out being seen by my teacher!” (T*** ina kaya k pla di tumalino eh…SITMATES…oo nga nman..sit eh!)

“I love ANEMI FANATICS like myself!”



“im a true freind that im willing to fight my friends (Kawawa nman kaibigan nito) , sometimes she can be rude if you want to and she really hates plastic person (HA!? Sino si ‘she?’). im prank very prank [Diniin] and if i hates i tell it to them para hinde nila masabi na im so beas.



Motto: If there’s a will, There’s a will… (Been there been that.)

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  1. “Favorite Movie: Harry Potter all the movies that were already shown and including the one’s that is still being made ”

    Game! Nood tayo Harry Potter 8!

  2. Motto: If there’s a will, There’s a will…


    Hay, grabe. Ahahaha benta rin to. ahaha

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