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Ten of the coolest buildings/houses from all parts of the world. I want to visit them all! 🙂 What other cool shapes/objects would you want to turn into a house or a building? Would you guys want to live in any of these buildings?

10.) A reaaally, really, reaally thin house from London. How do the residents fit in there?


9.) This house from South Korea could make King Kong want to pee badly. The toilet house was built by Sim Jae-duck, chairman of the organizing committee of the Inaugural General Assembly of the World Toilet Association to mark the association’s first general assembly in November. I have to say, Sim Jae-duck is very much into his business!Toilet Building

8.) It’s an upside down museum, complete with upside down trees!Upside down house

7.) The Robot Building in Thailand. It’s United Overseas Bank’s Bangkok headquarters. It was designed for the Bank of Asia by Sumet Jumsai to reflect the computerization of banking. Oooh.

Robot House6.) Dragon Building, place unknown. My guess is that it’s in China? Heehee. Maybe other people could build a King Kong Tower next time. That’d be cool too!

Dragon House

5.) The borough of Delfshaven, Rotterdam, asked Schildersbedrijf N&F Hijnen to come up with a plan for a block of derelict buildings, which will eventually be demolished. The agreement with the neighbourhood is that the block will remain blue as long as there isn’t a new plan for the area. The Blue Building makes me want to sing… “I’m blueee da ba dee dum dum da ba deeee duuuum!”. Come on guys! Sing it with me! I know The Blue Building makes you want to sing it, toooo! 😉

Blue Building

4.) Guess what this building in Kansas is for? It’s just too obvious! 🙂


3.) The owner of this company insisted having his building shaped this way. Guess what the company who owns this building sells? :> If you still don’t know, try searching for The Longaberger Company and what its mains products are. 😉

Basket Building

2.) The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Building in Nice, France is a masterpiece in itself!

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

1.)This house in Houston, Texas was turned into an art project by two people. The Holed House looks awesome. You can even pass through the huge hole!

The Holed House

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