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Now we know what the geeks are up to!

1. The Keyboard Organizer – oh, so that’s what’s inside a keyboard…

1_Keyboard_organizer2. The Wearable Keyboard – you can type AND walk at the same time! It’s old school spyware!


3. Now PC games can be as fun as the ones found on your Playstation!


4. The Datahand Ergonomic Keyboard – Yeah…much easier.


5. Safe Type Keyboard – it’s supposed to prevent Carpal Tunnel, but will we really have the patience for this?



6. The Senseboard – i feel an A…B…C… you can now type your texts in the air, this baby connects to your mobile/PDA/Computer via Bluetooth technology


7. The Virtual Keyboard 


8. The Twiddler2  – i bet this guy’s the man in guitar hero!


9. The orbiTouch Keyboard – great pratice for safe cracking!


10. The Optimus Tactus / Optimus Maximus Keyboard – each key is a mini LCD screen you can customize yourself.



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