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Everyone knows facebook and if you don’t, get out of your caves and create your own account.

Here are some games that are sure to give one some fun, some action or just plain escapism.

Recommended by doctors, not recommended by moms…

Warning, highly addictive…play at your own risk!

1) Mafia Wars – Mafia Wars lets prospective dons run jobs, buy property, gather weapons and duke it out with rival mobs. Show your friends who’s boss and check it out.

2)  Farm Town – plow fields, harvest crops, and sell ’em at the market. This might not sound all too fun but the 15 million or so users can attest to the weirdly addictive nature of this game.

3) Typing Maniac – Fast typists, rejoice: your secretarial skills have found a home in Typing Maniac. Blast away the deluge of words streaming down the screen by typing them correctly, which after a few levels is much easier said than done.

4) Pet Society – All the fun of managing a pet without the ruined furniture, the noise complaints from neighbors, among others. Pet Society lets you create your own virtual pet and feed it, play with it and groom it.

5) Texas Hold Em Poker -It’s a safe, easy way to learn the basics of the game, especially if you play with a group of Facebook friends.

6) Who has the biggest Brain? – you’ll get cerebral with an assortment of mini-games spanning four classic ‘brain training’ disciplines. It all boils down to are you smarter than your friends..?

7) Uno – Currently in beta , the Facebook version of the classic card game is fast, colorful, and simple enough to be played by just about anyone.

8) Crazy Planets – Evil robots have taken over the universe — again — and this time, you have to save the day. Load up this kooky app and do the job. Plunder planets for valuables, upgrade weapons, and blast away at the malevolent machines in gameplay reminiscent of the beloved Worms franchise. Crazy, but it’s true.

9) Word Challenge – Word games are huge on Facebook, and these days, Word Challenge is the leader of the pack. Use a small pool of letters to build as many words as you can within two minutes, then find out how you stack up against your friends. Simple and engaging.

10) Kung Fu Pets- This game let’s one imagine a world where your pets actually fight each other using martial arts techniques. Train your pets to become the best in the world. Kind of like a certain old game where the lead animal is an electric mouse, isn’t it?

partial credits go to for being very helpful in the research

and of course for being very addictive…

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  1. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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