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These bus advertisements are definitely wacky, but I think they’re really effective in getting people’s attention. Whaddayathink? 🙂

10.) Say cheese!


9.) Buti pa yung bus, may perfect match. 😦 HAHAHA! Do these buses always go together? Ang hassle naman! :))


8.) The flexible toothbus!


7.) Ouch!


6.) Cool Anti-smoking ad! Would this make you quit? :))

Smoking bus

5.) Yummy yummy!


4.) “Even apeldoorn bellen” means Let’s call Apeldoorn. This is an ad for an insurance company. Go figure. :))


3.) Jaws, bus-style!


2.) “Atravesse na Faixa” means “Go across the street”. Yeah, go ahead and cross the street, but you might end up like this guy on the bus! :))


1.) I would want a picture with me on this bus! :)) NAUGHTYYY! Haha!


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