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10. You never have to stand up again! The best cubicle ever! Those are leather seats man!


9. Oh, so that’s what’s inside the toilet…What happens to the fish when I flush the toilet?


8. A Royal Flush: 900 pound pound solid gold toilet in Hong Kong


7. Wow, the Cubans really ask for it don’t they? 



6. Leave it to the Japanese to optimize the space!

     Laundry, anyone?


5. Ahh…Nothing like looking down a ridiculously high slope to help you take the plunge!


4. A two way mirror found outside the Tate Museum in London

    Would you be able to do your business even if you know they can’t see you?


3. If you gotta go, you gotta go…


2. This is what I call a ‘brown noser,’ Let’s hope we don’t end up working here…


1. Would you be able to step into this bathroom???


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One Comment

  1. 9: hello spongebob!

    4: badass restroom for your bad ass.

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